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BYAS Face Lifter 3

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Quick Overview


The unique Multi Pro Synchron Technology of the Face Lifter combines technologies for professional skin rejuvenation in a innovative hand-held device, which have been used successfully in specialist clinics and institutes for many years.


The BYAS Face Lifter uses the iontophoresis principle. In this way, ionized active ingredients from the BYAS special serums are channeled into the deeper skin layers in a highly effective way, such as the highly effective hyaluron amino acid complex.


The BYAS Face Lifter has additional programmes for electric muscle stimulation. The Low Frequency Electric Muscle Stimulation Technology (LF-EMS) of the BYAS Face Lifter strengthens and firms the fascial muscles in a highly effective way. LF-EMS is even highly compatible with the most sensitive skin types.


As the third basic technology, the BYAS Face Lifter uses the radio frequency. The collagen fibres in the dermal connective tissue shrink through the thermal effect caused by the radio frequency waves. The overlying skin is tightened in this way.


The Face Lifter combines iontophoresis and EMS programmes with the microvibration method.
Microvibration means a deep massage for the united cell structures of the skin. In addition, the overall structural cohesion of the tissue layers is improved.


The Face Lifter can be adjusted perfectly to the specific needs of your skin.

The Face Lifter has 3 iontophoresis programmes, 2 EMS programmes and 2 radio frequency programmes. The iontophoresis and EMS programmes work in parallel with the microvibration method. In all programmes you can choose between 3 intensity levels. In total, 21 programmes offer you maximum professional system care for your skin.

Dual treatment electrodes:
Parallelly switched electrodes of high-quality stainless steel for transfer of the innovative Multi Pro Synchron Technology


The unique Multi Pro Synchron Technology of the Face Lifter combines technologies for professional skin rejuvenation in a innovative hand-held device:

Unique MPST technology
+ Radio-frequency
+ Microvibration

Select iontophoresis programmes:
Cleans and cares for the deep skin layers

Select EMS programmes:
Strengthens the face muscles

Select RF programmes:
Professional technology with 1 mHz until 500 kHz for tissue firming and breakdown of fat

Programme display:
Integrated timer, which terminates each programme safely

Automatic temperature and efficacy control:
Maximum treatment safety through constant temperature measurement, which takes place during the RF programmes through the dual treatment electrodes


The Face Lifter may not be used in certain cases.

By persons who wear a cardiac pacemaker or an ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator).
By persons with metal-containing intrauterine pessaries (coil) or with metallic implants in the area of the current flow or permanent fillers in the treatment area.
By persons with a thyroid hyperfunction, in the front neck and chest area.
By persons with multiple sclerosis.
By persons who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
By persons on or in the area of a diseased (malignant) or operated part of the skin in the treatment area.
By persons who currently have serious diseases, e.g. heart disease.
By persons who have a weakened immune system, or who have immunosuppressing diseases or take immunosuppressors.
By persons who have symptoms that can be activated by heat, e.g. recurring herpes simplex (in the treatment area).
By persons who have symptoms on the skin in the treatment area, which are not suitable for treatment, e.g. wounds, psoriasis, eczema or rashes.
By persons who have had surgery, laser treatment or deep-action chemical peeling in the treatment area within the past 3 months or the consequences of such interventions have not yet completely receded.
Under 18 years.

Please note:
Only you know your own personal health history. Use of the BYAS Face Lifter and the BYAS special care products is therefore your own personal responsibility. If you are uncertain about their use or side effects, please always seek medical advice.